Aadhaar Cards Issued Hurriedly to Meet Deadlines

Aadhaar cards have been issued hastily to meet the deadline of 100% enrollment. According to the police, Aadhaar cards issued in Old Hyderabad, full names of the card holders were not registered. Instead, most of the cards carried short names without any middle or surnames. Also, the cards had some vague addresses where the addressees did not reside.

After looking into the details, the probe agencies looking into the matter suspect of hasty action to complete the target. To substantiate the suspicion, it is said that the cards bearing such address have been returned to government.

Up till now, 5.35 crore Aadhaar cards have been issued of which 47 lakh cards have been issued in the city of Hyderabad under phase I of the programme. Phase II is yet to start.

Source: Times of India

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  1. swathi

    respected sir we have not received our aadhaar card till now what should we do now we stay in old city jahanuma.

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