APCPDCL Asks Hyderabadis to take Precautionary Measures

The Central Power Distribution Company of AP (APCPDL) has advised the public to help them provide interrupted power supply in Hyderabad by following certain safety guidelines.

The power distribution company has advised

  • Not to walk under overhead power lines or touch electric poles or transformers when it rains or there is gale
  • To get internal wiring checked once in three years
  • Not to through garbage in the transformer fence, as it may cause short circuit
  • Not to entrust private individuals to climb electric poles as it is illegal
  • Not to touch snapped electric wires which may result in electrocution. In the event a person gets electrocuted, the person should not be touched with bare hands.

If there is electrical emergency, contact the department on telephone no 1553333.

Telephones of the department in different zones:
North Circle:
ADE Greenlands – 9440812852
ADE Banjarahills – 9440812854
ADE Paradise – 9440812853
ADE Bowenpally – 9440812849

South Circle:
ADE Charminar – 9440812925
ADE Asmangadh – 9440812929
ADE Begumbazar – 9440812948

Central Circle:
ADE Saifabad – 9440812988
ADE Azamabad – 9440812994
ADE Mehdipatnam – 9440812998