Hyderabad Metrorail to be More Convenient to Pedestrians

Hyderabad Metrorail Ltd. is planning to make it more pedestrian friendly by providing 200 sky walks along the three corridors across the city. For this Rs. 200 crore assistance is sought from the Union Government.

The facilitation work includes, widening of roads by one-and-a-half lanes on either side of the National Highway on Miyapur-Bharatnagar, LB Nagar to Malakpet to give more space for vehicles during construction. GHMC has undertaken development of alternate roads in certain areas like the road from IDL lake to Ashoka buidlig, ESI Hospital to Yusfguda, Godrej Y junction to Dharam Karan Road, Moosapet crossroads to Hitech city flyover, Nizampet to Vasanthnagar. The project is to cost more than Rs 50 crores.

Source: The Hindu