Major Lakes in Hyderabad Dry Up

According to Survey of India, way back in 1975, there were about 1,000 lakes in Hyderabad with typical aquatic life in the water bodies. However, the number of such lakes has dwindled to a mere 400 in 2011. Thus, over period of 35 years, 600 lakes dried up.

This is because of increased, unplanned urbanization and consequent encroachment of the catchment area of such water bodies. Also, the catchment area is unprotected which results in obstruction of inflow of water, if any, many a time.

There are vested interests in the city against any development work proposed for the betterment of such water bodies that are so old. Further, there are seldom any data recorded regarding such work.

Places with names either starting or closing with ‘kunta’, ‘tank’, ‘talab’ connoting a lake are now devoid of water bodies. The Masab Tank is an illustrative instance. Such loss can be likened to loss of traditional heritage of the city.

Source: Asianage