Be Aware Motorists While Overtaking

The city traffic police have taken certain measures to mitigate road blockage by those motorists who overtake by left. The police have found that such happenings have caused great hardship to other vehicles as well as pedestrians. The police opine it is a bias against those who solemnly abide by traffic rules.

The current measure involves putting a signage board raised at such a height that it is easily visible and the whole ‘Free left’ would be dotted with cones joined by ropes as against ‘Free Left’ marking with double line of white paint before. This measure would deter any motorist to trespass the marking.

Traffic police have located at 42 junctions in the city, where the road is so wide and such infringement of traffic rules takes place. Sources say, the object of the measure is to educate motorists while overtaking without touching the double lane drawn for Fee Left. Henceforth, any such infringement would invoke a penalty of Rs. 400 under Motor Vehicles Act. Further, the trespasser has to undergo ‘counseling’ as well by the police.

A traffic constable and a home guard are to be deployed at each Free Left place to aid pedestrians to go before vehicles are allowed.

Source: IBNlive