Resolving a Conflict at Workplace: Tips for Freshers

By: B. K. Vijay

Conflicts regularly happen at workplace. The frequency of such conflicts is more among the freshers. Workplace conflicts need not be big, but careers are made or broken by how the new employee handles the small conflicts at work. They should be able to handle such situations in a proper way to succeed in career.

Why freshers are constantly in conflict?

  • Because of mismatch in outlook
  • Lack of awareness – unfamiliar with jobs; since they are fresh, out of their colleges, they do not have any idea about working conditions
  • They are generally immature and arrogant
  • Lack of big picture mindset – they have a narrow perspective
  • Lack of social skills – they do not have much idea on how to communicate with others properly
  • They tend to look from their standpoint only – never think from organisation’s point of view

Wrong attitude towards conflict makes them failure
When they are in a conflict with the organisation, they need to resolve it properly. Instead, if they have a negative attitude and stick to it, they lose opportunity for personal growth and development. They do not look at it as an opportunity; as a result they do not learn anything from the conflict.

When things do not go in their favour, some people act cleverly and resign from the job. They resign and look for other jobs. By doing so, they fail to resolve the issue and look for an easy way to escape from the situation. They lost an opportunity to gain knowledge, skill and understanding on resolving the issue.

If any conflict arises in the present company, they will try to join another company as they don’t have the competence to resolve the issue – they miss out an opportunity, choose to be a failure in life as they didn’t handle this kind of situations earlier. They keep on failing, moving to other jobs and ultimately will fail to grow in career, they always remain as incompetent. This kind of people can’t grow in their career.

They may go to a new company and blame the previous employer on the conflict. But the new employer easily identifies that the candidate is problematic; remember, employers think from the organisation’s point of view.

How to resolve conflicts at workplace
The first thing they need to do to resolve the issue is that they need to stop thinking that the fault is on the other side. Only losers will think so.

They need to see if anything is there to change from their end. They should be humble and accept the mistake (if it was made). They need to look for the learning that they have from the conflict. It requires the person to have emotional maturity to handle such situations.

Opportunity to learn from conflict
Many people, particularly, freshers fail to understand that conflicts are many times opportunities that teach how to grow properly in an organisation. They should stay (not resign) and resolve the issue – not run away when problem arises. Ultimately it is an opportunity to get insights, perspective and understand others’ (employers’) point of view.

Freshers need to learn a lot at the junior levels. Those who do it properly are most likely to grow quickly to good positions. Since they are sensible, the organisation makes sure that they are rewarded properly.

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