Tech College Fee Hike Too Burdensome for State

As per Supreme Court order, the colleges which pay the faculty as per AICTE pay scale can hike the tuition fee. The state government has made initiation to look into the matter to find the exact nature of the financial burden it is going bear.

The government reportedly allocated Rs. 3,500 crore for fee reimbursement this year to aid about 27 lakh social and economically weaker section students to pursue professional and other curses in higher education. The government expects the expenditure would increase to Rs. 10,000 when the fee is increased by 40%.

The SC allowed 13 colleges to hike fee provided they submitted all the financial statements. It also stated other colleges seeking for fee hike have to give their undertaking to the apex court within a week from May 9, regarding implementation of AICTE pay scales for faculty.

Source: DC