2500 School and College Buses Unfit for Plying

About 2500 school buses in Hyderabad and Rangareddy districts ply without authentication for fitness by transport authorities. As per sources, there are a number of complaints received on the unfitness of the buses. The condition is more serious in buses of engineering colleges.

As a preventive measure, the condition of 15 year operational limit has been imposed. Further, use of Northstar, a new device has been muted. The company making the device claims that it can track and monitor the movements of a school bus when fitted with a bus, using of GPS, GPRS, GIS and sensor based technologies that are used in this device.

The safety device helps school authorities, parents to know the position of the bus. The movement of the bus can also be monitored online. Parents can also know the arrival and departure times of the buses. The device has inbuilt features like immediate connectivity for calling ambulance, fire and police services.

The manufacturing company has plans to introduce the device in 10 schools in Hyderabad.

Source: New Indian Express