Finding a Job in Hyderabad – Important Considerations

In our earlier article, we discussed on tips to find a job in Hyderabad. Here, we will discuss on some of the important things you need to consider to get a decent job in Hyderabad.

Stay in centre of the city
It is better to take a room or hostel in the centre of the city. Even if it is bit expensive, make sure that you stay in the centre. It will be easy to attend interviews – the public transport will be available. Even if your interview continues till late in the evening, you need not worry about going back to your hostel/room. There will be no security issues in the centre of the city as the roads here are always busy with people. Commuting to job will also be easy, after you get a job.

Don’t get into unrealistic expectations
Your goal is to find a decent job where you should learn to work rather than work to earn. Avoid expectations of quick results; don’t expect the job to be like the ones shown in movies and don’t get into unreasonable expectations from your job e.g., high salary, big fancy building, pick and drop facility, etc. Look for a job that gives you opportunities to perform and where your skills are identified and where you can grow.

Don’t get carried away by Ameerpet logic
Institutes in Ameerpet tend to create an artificial hype. They have created a separate job market to fool new people (especially from districts). Remember, there is disconnection between Ameerpet training centres and real jobs. Read more about Ameerpet logic here.

Don’t get carried away by the jobs in Hi-Tech city
Most people are aware of the jobs in Banjara Hills, Hi-tech City and Madhapur, but traditionally that was not the job market. The High-tech city is good fit for international companies who recruit people from all over India. These companies recruit 60% from outside A.P, such as U.P, Bihar and other places. These companies know that people come and stay close by. No issues for the people staying in areas around Hi-tech city. But companies which recruit primarily within Hyderabad tend to keep the office in centre of the city to make sure that their employees do not have any issues in commuting to office.

Beware of small companies in Hi-Tech City
Many MNCs in Hi-tech city are good but many small companies are coming up to exploit the association with Hi-tech city. Beware of fake companies that come up to leverage the established name. They grow quickly and suddenly disappear. Many good companies avoid Hi-tech city or Madhapur areas as they believe in building their own reputation. Copycat companies try to leverage the appeal Hi-tech city has.

Interviews in centre of the city
Lot of interviews are going in Secunderabad, Himayath Nagar, Tarnaka, Begumpet areas. Focus on understanding the city. Don’t lose jobs because of ignorance. Later, don’t regret saying “I don’t know that there are good companies in Begumpet”. Don’t miss the opportunities in some good companies located in the centre of the city.

Don’t look for fancy buildings to work
Good companies need not be grand. Don’t judge the quality of a company by its building or interiors. You may be getting carried away by filmi logic. Don’t get carried away by these things and lose good job opportunities in good companies. There are some very good companies that do not focus on show. You may lose out on such jobs and hurt your career growth.

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