Hyderabad City Airport Registered Second Highest Number of Complaints

According to official reports from Ministry of Civil Aviation, among all the airports present in India, Delhi and Hyderabad airports have topped the complaint list. The complaints include various issues such as bad food, lost luggage, poor service, etc.

On the whole, a total of 2,800 complaints were registered in 2011 from all the airports, of which 587 complaints were registered at Delhi airport and 236 at Hyderabad airport. Hyderabad was followed by Bangalore (186 complaints) and Nagpur (170 complaints) airports.

Among the six private run airports, the airports that registered the lowest number of complaints are Mumbai (32 complaints) and Cochin (34 complaints).

Further, among the various airports run by Airports Authority of India, Ranchi airport stood first registering 190 complaints, following it was Madurai (144) and Ahmedabad (141). Further, Calicut and Jaipur airports registered 117 and 112 complaints respectively.
In case of metro airports, Chennai airport registered 82 complaints, while Kolkata airport registered the least with only 10 complaints.

The officials have said that there were 2,503 and 2,220 complaints registered in 2009 and 2010.

Source: Indian Express

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