Returning a Phone Call at Workplace

By: B. K. Vijay

Once an emergency tool, cell phone today became a time pass gadget for many people. Thanks to highly competitive pricing of these instruments and services.

Make no mistake, it is indeed, an emergency device which is easy to carry and convenient to operate even while traveling or driving. You can take it anywhere and whenever you need and keep in touch with family, friends and relatives from far distances. But if it is hindering the work on job, it is not acceptable. It is in fact a boon in today’s world but can be a disturbing element, if not used in the appropriate way.

Barring a few exceptions such as sales and certain other jobs, cell phones are a distraction at workplace. Employees should, more than often not, dedicate their all working hours to the company/business to be successful. People who become addicted to chatting on phone and spend lot of time on personal phone calls at office are considered unemployable. There is no exception to this. Some companies/organizations totally bar cell phone usage at office.

Proper usage of cell phones at workplace
While at work take care of the following:

  • Don’t let a personal phone call interrupt your work. Allow calls to go to voice mail, where they can be answered later on breaks
  • Tell your family, friends, and relatives not to call in the office hours
  • Not a bad idea to ignore calls at work. Take the call if it is really urgent/emergency. Let it ring, don’t pick up. If it is really an emergency, people will call 2-3 times or send SMS
  • In case you need to take the call, keep it short and to the point during office hours
  • If somebody calls just for time-pass, make sure your tone shows seriousness. Try not to sound casual as it encourages a long call
  • Return the call if you cannot take the call

Return a call after working hours
The reason why most people pick up calls at work is that, they have not developed the habit of returning calls. Not returning, if not replying to a phone call, is rather a sign of poor personal management efficiency. 99% of people ignore or forget to return a phone call.

Return call without fail. Call back in lunch hour or on way back home even if you are tired. It is essential part in building relationships. It shows that you care for the person who called you. Apologise when you call back. Explain the person that you cannot take calls during working hours.

Prioritise the phone calls or messages. Return the call even if it is from a new number. If you do not return the call same day, don’t ignore. Call next day. Apologise for not returning the call the same day.

Follow the above mentioned things strictly to change the behaviours of your circle. They will know that you will be really busy at work. Next time, they will not call during office hours and disturb you unless it is an emergency.

When you reach this situation you have added one of the additional qualifications, that gets you ready for the promotion/job hike.

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