Road in front of Nallakunta Fever Hospital is Re-opened Now

The main road in front of the Nallakunta fever hospital which was closed for reconstructing the underground drainage line is now completely open to the traffic.

During August, 2011 the road beside the fever hospital was caved in. On further inspections the GHMC officials found that the drainage channel running beneath the intersection before the fever hospital road too require construction. In February, 2012 they took up the reconstruction work. For this purpose, the route from Barkatpura ‘Y’ junction via the Nallakunta fever hospital main road, up to Hindi Maha vidhyalaya was closed to perform the repair work.

Now that the repair work is almost done, the route is now available and thus the motorists and pedestrians can now use this road. All the RTC buses which were diverted previously also started plying in this route.