Road Widening Works on Musheerabad-Kavadiguda Stretch Commenced

The proposal for Musheerabad-Kavadiguda road widening, which was proposed in 2007, was put on hold since five years. But now GHMC has decided to take up the project immediately, after the government has made few amendments in the project in favor of the residents.

As per the new plan, around 170 properties on this 3 km stretch will be acquired for road widening. And unlike in the original plan, where the proposed road widening was up to 120 ft., now it is only up to 100 ft.

This road is an important link connecting the RP Road and MG Road (Secunderabad), and Begumpet to Musheerabad. This road also facilitates the commuters who want to reach Musheerabad, Narayanaguda, Nallakunta and other areas from Secunderabad and surrounding areas.

After consulting the 170 (91 and 79 properties on either side of the road) residents and shop owners on the stretch, GHMC has started the structural drawings and working on the compensation to be offered to the residents as per the market value.

Already 30 residents have given their consent and in case of few others who did not give their consent, GHMC will invoke provisions of Land Acquisition Act and will acquire property.

Source: The Hindu