Secunderabad Cantonment Board Decides to Fix Water Meters for Residential Connections

To improve income and to monitor water usage and consumption, Secunderabad Cantonment Board has decided to fix water meters for all the residential connections in its jurisdiction. This decision was taken after the SCB found that it was not getting the expected revenue even after issuing bills, besides, receiving complaints from the customers regarding inadequate water supply. Also, having noticed improved water supply after fixing water meters at pump houses, SCB has decided to extend this measure to residential customers also.

As of now, the selling of water meters to the residential customers at the surrounding pump houses is going on, with each meter costing Rs. 480. And the process of fixing water meters will start after three months, after which the SCB will be sending the monthly like HMWWS&SB. SCB has decided to start the process of fixing water meters with the areas that have been prompt in paying their bills. These areas include Mahendra Hills, Bowenpally, Tirumulgherry, Karkhana and Bollarum.

Source: Times of India