Bird Conversational Park at Nehru Zoo Coming Up Soon

Bird lovers in the city sigh a breath of relief following Nehru Zoological Park’s proposal for setting up bird conservatories in their premises. The idea is not only to conserve different birds, but also to teach the citizens to adjust their dwelling to help the birds come back to their place.

Virulent expansion of concrete structures in the city has caused disappearance of large number of birds as trees have been felled extensively.

The proposed conservatory would have an area of four acre and would be near the entrance. Fencing of the area is drawing to close. The authorities planted different species trees such as jamun, papaya, guava, pomegranate in the marked area. This is because trees are so vital providing fruit, flower and nectar. Further, artificial nesting, asylum for sparrows, bird baths are being built.

To educate people, display boards depicting information on birds, their relation with trees, insects and environment are going to be put up. The proposed conservatory is said to be a model for imbibing people to adopt conservation practices around their homes.

Source: The Hindu