State Education Officials to Raid Schools

In line with RTA, state education officials are planning to raid on the schools managements who collect huge sums as admission, thus, going against rules.

Reportedly, for the purpose ‘special inspection teams’ have been formed. The teams would conduct raids and verify the financial statements of schools and check if the fees collected by such schools is as per the actual requirement. Schools, as per norms are allowed to earn five per cent profits and managements are not allowed to go beyond this, as per their income and expenditure statements.

The schools indulged in these activities because the government failed to implement the norms as per the GO Ms NO. 1 issued in 1994 regarding infrastructure, teaching personnel, fire safety, fee structure etc.

Regardless of location of schools – semi-urban or rural schools, authorities received complaints in this regard that schools collect as much as Rs.20,000 per student for admission in to LKG.

Source: DC