On-the-Job Training Boosts Employee Morale: Survey

A survey conducted by TJinsite, research and knowledge division of TimesJobs.com, concerning training and development at workplace, has revealed that, of the many training and development methods, on-the-job training was found to be a favorite among the employers as well as employees.

As per this survey, 40% of the employers have said that on-the-job training played a major role in increasing the productivity of the employees, while 35% of them have said that it increased employee morale. Also, a considerable number of employers have agreed that implementing right training and developing methodologies would help in reducing the attrition rate.

Even employees too seemed to be happy with the on-the-job training, as it was convenient way of developing their knowledge and skills without having to leave the work. Of the surveyed employees, 71% of them preferred on-the-job training, while 15% preferred workshops and seminars, 11% preferred external trainers and only 3% preferred manual & journals.

Though it was found that 70% of the organizations have separate training departments, they were not effectively used due to the lack of budget and structure. This comes as a major drawback as the present generation job seekers are considering learning and development methodologies implemented by the employer as one of the top five criterion to rate the employer (survey conducted by Jobbuzz, a career research platform).

Considering all these facts, experts have opined that on-the-job training is the most cost-effective way for employers to teach the industry specific skills to their employees.

Source: Time of India