Rise in Phishing Attacks on Indian Brands – Hyderabad in Second Place

Phishing attacks on the Indian brands registered under the ‘.in’ domain are rising at an alarming rate. The Indian domain (.in), which secured 10th position in the spam distribution list in 2011, has now jumped to the 5th position.

According to software security firm Symantec, Indian brands are being targeted by cyber criminals for phishing attacks to get personal information from the individuals and to launch money laundering scams. Their latest finding showed that, there has been a 187% rise in the phishing attacks on the Indian brands that used the ‘.in’ domain in May, 2012. It was also noted that all these attacks were on the banking sector. The firm noted that due to the growth in electronic banking channels and the level of sophistication, the threat from the hackers also grew.

However, the Reserve Bank of India has proactively directed all the banks to increase their information security and risk management posture to protect user information and money from all such threats.

Symantec’s Intelligence report for May, 2012 also showed that Hyderabad hosted the second highest number of phishing attacks on Indian brands. The city also topped the list of cities that hosted phishing sites in India of Non-Indian brands followed by the other cities Nasik, New Delhi and Bangalore.

The report also observed that, in the first half of this year, all across the globe the defense sector has been targeted the most with a stunning average of 7.3 attacks per day.

Source: The Hindu

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