Rising Cyber Crimes in Hyderabad

As per police sources, cyber crimes are rising in Hyderabad. About 100 cases have been registered over the last six months. This is an increase of 30 per cent over the last year for the same period. Technology-savvy youngsters, most of whom are aged under 35 are said to be behind these activities.

These cases pertain to fraudulent online money transfer and placing spurious content on social networking sites. A significant number among the accused are women.

Among those affected by these crimes are women and children. There are also several men falling prey to such frauds.

Regarding the recent survey pointing to increasing espionage by corporates on their rives and employees, some corporates are said to lodge complaints against their employees for fraud.

Also, it is said, it is easy to catch cyber criminals who may be convicted to 10 years imprisonment.

Source: New Indian Express