Types of Marketing Jobs – Traditional, Digital & Industry Specific

The types of marketing jobs can be broadly be classified into 3 major types – traditional marketing, digital marketing and industrial specific marketing jobs.

1. Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing includes methods that have been in use for a long time, typically at least 30 years. It emphasizes mainly on production, price, promotion and place, which are called as 4 Ps principles, referred as four factors that a marketer has to consider before launching a product or offering a service. It requires a substantial time and budget to get the desired result. It mostly involves mass media marketing using print/electronic media as well as outdoor signage boards.

Careers in traditional marketing
The typical careers in traditional marketing are Marketing Research Specialists, Marketing Communication (Marcom) Specialists, Brand Managers, Trade Managers, Graphic Designers, Print Designers, Banner and Hoarding Specialists, etc.

Marvist Digital Marketing2. Digital marketing

Digital marketing centres on Internet, computers & mobiles. Today it is one of the fastest growing areas of advertising. The digital channels include e-mail, SEO-IM, RSS, or voice broadcast, banner ads, Pay Per Click (PPC), mobile phones, blogs, etc.

Careers in digital marketing
Typical careers in digital marketing include web marketing analysts (SEO, PPC), web research specialists, process associates, content creators and writers, project co-ordinators, etc.

3. Industry specific marketing

It means jobs that are relating to specific industry and not found other than in that industry. The seasons, customer behaviour and other unique aspects of an industry lead to some specific marketing jobs that are industry specific.

Careers in industry specific marketing
Some of the examples are merchandising in retail, e-commerce analysts in online retailing, etc.

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