Web/Graphic Designing Offers More Stable Career than Animation

The advent of full length animation pictures has led to the popularity of animated characters, cartoons and lots more. As animation is often required by the entertainment industry, it is always in the limelight. Thus this field is attracting more and more young people to get into animation.

Web/graphic designing on the other hand gained a lot of importance with the booming Internet market. With a huge growth in Internet users (looking for products online) and e-commerce, the need for web/graphic designers has increased a lot.

Both the fields require equal creative and technical skills and have their own individual importance. But, some kind of superficial hype got created around the field of animation over the past few years that it offers a stable career.

In reality, web/graphic designing has more scope of successful career compared to animation. Read though the article to know why web/graphic designing is a promising career opportunity.

Creativity is vital in web/graphic designing
Marvist Digital MarketingThough the talent for creativity is often required in both the fields, web/graphic designing needs a bit more of it. Web designing is something which literally starts from scratch. A web/graphic designer has to design graphics, layouts, images, etc., just by knowing the purpose and goal of designing it. Besides considering the client’s business he has to keep in mind the tastes and interests of the target audience and make the designs appealing to both the parties. The designs should be fresh, unique and interesting.

On the other hand, though creativity is required in animation to draw various images, characters, backgrounds, to add colors, etc., the real job of an animator lies in bringing life to the images. One needs to manage the movements of the already captured character images and camera angles.

What makes web/graphic designing more stable career?

  • Offers more opportunities: With the increase in number of Internet users and fast growing e-commerce industry, web/online presence became important for most businesses. Most businesses want to have own website and are looking for skilled web designers. Thus, the need of a web/graphic designer, who can establish a virtual presence of a business on the Internet has now, became a necessity which was earlier a mere choice. Moreover, web/graphic designing is not confined to one field. Web/graphic designers are required in every field of industry from large firms to small firms. They can find tremendous opportunities at multinational companies, marketing firms, design studios, advertising agencies, to mention a few.

    Compared to web designing, animation has slightly few opportunities. Requirement is not continuous. Generally, animators are recruited on the basis of the project. Once the project is completed, the animator needs to search for another job.

  • Professionally challenging: Web/graphic designing involves helping a business to establish its online presence. Apart from the visual appearance of the website, a web designer needs to focus on other aspects like usability, navigation, user friendliness, search engine friendliness, which are vital in bringing in more traffic to the site. The site should always be on the top of the search engine results overtaking the competitors’ sites. A healthy competition by its virtue in this field makes it interesting as well as professionally challenging, giving a sense of responsibility.With regard to animation, around 500 animators will work for a typical animation film. Each animator needs to work on few scenes from a film and sometimes they work without knowing the complete story. Of course, they give their best efforts to make it better, but rather than competing with others they just repeat the same task again and again to reach perfection.
  • Web/graphic designers are critical for businesses having websites: Websites are customer facing. That means every prospective customer of the business deals with it as if it is the actual business. Aspects like the design, lay out, visual appearance, navigation, play a vital role in leaving the user with a good experience. Thus, the role of a web/graphic designer becomes critical for the organization.

  • Web/graphic designers have a wider, continuous and important job role: The role of a web/graphic designer does not end by just finishing the designing part of the website. The business expands, products get added, inventory needs to be updated thus the website needs regular maintenance. Moreover, most businesses prefer to change their sites every six months to bring that fresh look, making a designer’s role continuous and important.

    But when it comes to animation, an animator’s role ends by finishing his tasks or once the project gets finished. Thus he can expect a limited role for a limited period of time. Entertainment or training only limited role in limited industries.
  • Rewarding: In most cases, only one web designer works single handedly to finish a project. He has to take care of every aspect of the website. So, a web designer’s role is critical in an organization. Moreover, as proper design and maintenance of the website shows a positive impact on the business, better performance is always appreciated and rewarded. Therefore, the entire credit goes to a single person.Whereas in animation as the job is spread across a number of people, even though the final result is great, there is less chance to get individual appreciation and rewards. All the awards and rewards go to the company and not the animators.
  • Job security: As discussed earlier, online presence is becoming very important these days. Right from designing the website, updating it, and for maintaining it properly, the need of a professional web designer is often required by the company in long run. Hence the level of job security is high in the field of web designing.As animators are hired on project basis, permanent roles are very few. Once the project is finished, companies do not require the animator unless there is another project in hand. Moreover, during weak economy, the maintenance projects are scrapped. Continuous job security is, thus, lower in the field of animation compared to web/graphic designing.

Hope this comparison helped you understand that web/graphic designing is a better and stable career than animation.

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