Health Officials find Food Shops in Dismal State

Health officials from GHMC raided several food shops as a matter of checking the quality of the foodstuff stored thereof. To their dismay, food to be sold has been found in a precarious state- stored in refrigerators in conditions that is detrimental to the health of consumers. Raw and cooked food was found stored in refrigerators. As per the health and hygiene norms, food should not be stored so. Even shops well-known for their food also are no exception. The officials seized food sampled from such shops.

Further, the officials found most members of the workforce belong to Ananthapur district of Andhra Pradesh and the state of Jharkahand. Each of the workers is given a paltry sum as remuneration infringing the law of minimum wage. Also, they do not have facilities like ESI and provident fund provided by the establishments.