India is the Greatest Contributor of Internet Spam During the Second Quarter of 2012

India contributes to the 5.3% of the world’s Internet users. But to every ones surprise, our country is also contributing 11.4% of the world’s spam, which is more than any other country’s contribution.

In a recent report released by Sophos Labs, a threat analysis centre of IT security and data protection, output of spam mails from India was 11.4% of the global total in between April-June, which is a 2% increase from the output in the period of Jan-March. This shows that the percentage of spam released by the country is increasing every month.

In the previous quarter, the firm has identified that the majority of the spam came from the computers which have been hijacked by the hackers and planted malicious codes. This was due to the lack of adequate security in the computers. The report also mentioned that the first time Internet users did not take appropriate security measures which finally had resulted in malicious attacks. They also noted that, though the number of Internet users in India are low at present, the number had slightly increased in the recent past.

Source: DC

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