IT and BPO Employees in the City Facing Severe Psychological Problems

Popularly called as the IT hub, Hyderabad city presently has the most number of employees working in various IT and ITES sectors. Though the fields offer high-end salaries and lucrative career opportunities, due to the typical timings and high pressure work schedules, they are now found to affect the employee’s health both, physically and mentally.

According to the mental health experts from the city, IT and BPO employees have a high incidence of uncontrolled and abnormal sexual behaviour, psychological disorders, psychosomatic problems, identity crises and obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD). Besides the already existing orthopaedic, gynaecological and lifestyle-related problems associated with their jobs, significant number of employees are now found to have all such mental issues, said the sources.

According to the sources, out of every 10 cases that attend to a psychologist, at least 50% are from IT and BPO employees. As mentioned by the experts abnormal sexual behaviour, with low libido followed by sudden and reckless bouts of binge sex are the common issues with the employees.

Another problem as reported by the doctors which are common to this group are ENT problems. Doctors find most of the patients from this sector are complaining of trouble in hearing, throat congestion, etc., which could probably the result of their job roles in BPOs.

Source: DC