New Sewage Treatment Plants to Clean Up Hussain Sagar Lake

Improving the Hussain Sagar Lake and its surrounding areas is a part of Hussain Sagar Lake and Catchment Area Improvement Project (HCIP) which is being conducted by Buddha Purnima Project Authority (BPPA), nodal organisation under HMDA, with aid from the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

The main objective of HCIP is to make the Hussain Sagar Lake sewage-free. Various factors like entry of untreated sewage, industrial effluents through the nallas, domestic solid waste along the shore lines, immersion of Ganesh and Durga idols during festivals is polluting the lake.

So, in order to maintain the hydrology of the lake, HMDA initiated the project of HCPI in which it is planning to construct Sewerage Treatment Plants (STP), and divert the sewage inflows in to the lake by constructing ring sewers at the initial phase.

According to the authorities, they have plans to construct 2 STPs – one 30 MLD STP at Picket nalla and other small 5 MLD STP at Ranghadhamimi lake. Upgradation of existing 20 MLD STP at Hussain Sagar is also part of the project. Works at all the three STPs are in progress.

To divert the sewage inflows, HMDA planned to initiate Interception and Diversion (I&D) works at different places like Picket nalla, Balkapur nalla Fatehnagar, Prakashnagar and Necklace road at Kukatpally nalla.

Main diversions include 1,600 mm ring sewer main from Necklace road to opposite to Sailors club which is about 2.5 kms in length and prevents the Kukatpally nalla inflows in to the Hussain Sagar.

The second one is the Balanagar sewage trunk main of 1,400 mm from Jeedimetla and Kukatpally nalla to ring sewer at Necklace road. It is 4.85 kms long. Another direct trunk main of 1.15 km length is at Rangadhamini Lake.

In addition to this, protection of all the water bodies in the catchment area that spread across wide areas including Balanagar, Bowenpally, Qutbullahpur, Jeedimetla, Alwal, Yousufguda and Kukatpally is also part of the project.

So, this is why we are coming across huge pipelines in various parts of the city. In few places they are causing traffic congestion and creating hassles to travel in those areas. Since it is a big project which started for a good cause, it’s better for us to be patient until the project ends to see pollution free Hussain Sagar Lake.

Source: HMDA, Hindu