Sewerage Treatment Plants Must for Healthcare Establishments: APPCB

The Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB) has recently announced that all the healthcare establishments in the state, having 100 or more beds should maintain a sewerage treatment plant (STP) on their premises without fail.

According to the sources, APPCB has taken this decision during the board’s bio-medical technical committee meeting held late on Thursday evening. They also announced that they are going to impose a strict approval procedure for healthcare institutions which requires all such establishments to procure an authorization certificate from the board before starting operations.

Further, healthcare establishments with 25 and more beds have to obtain ‘consent for operation’ certificate and should have sufficient provision for establishing a STP, as per the new orders. They added saying that those connected to municipal common bio-medical waste treatment facilities have no such compulsions. They only have to ensure proper flow of bio-medical waste in to these facilities, said the sources.

Source: TOI