SIM Card Sellers to Lodge FIR Against Subscribers Providing Forged Documents

New guidelines have been set by telecom department for retailers and franchisees selling mobile SIM cards. The sellers from now should register police complaints against subscribers in case they submit forged documents to get mobile connections.

The retailer has to verify the original documents of the subscriber with proof of address and proof of identity and should sign saying that it was verified. In case of forged documents submitted by the subscriber, police complaint or FIR shall be lodged by the PoS (Point of Sale) or Franchisee against the subscriber within 15 days of bringing it to the notice of Licensee (telecom operator).

Legal action will be taken against telecom operator if they fail to file First Information Report against the retailer for selling SIM cards to subscribers with forged documents.

DoT (Department of Telecom) has set new rules to activate bulk mobile connection only after verifying the details of subscriber by the telecom operator. The telecom operator has to re-check every six months with the subscriber and the premises. The subscriber can make incoming and outgoing calls only after his details are verified over the phone by the service provider.

Financial Express