Vehicle Owners with Fancy Number Plates Will be Fined Heavily: City Police

The city police is planning to launch a special drive in the city against the vehicle owners with fancy number plates. The vehicles whose number plates are not in accordance with the prescribed format and those which are tampered to avoid detection by the traffic police will be targeted in this drive. Vehicle owners with such name plates will be levied with a fine of Rs 5000, said the city police in a press release.

As per the Motor Vehicle Act, the number plates of all the personal vehicles should contain bold letters and numbers in black color on a white background. Whereas for commercial vehicles, the number and letters should be in black color on yellow background. Use of special characters and any other signs are not allowed, said the sources.

The drive also includes the verification of vehicle documents such as driving license, registration certificate, pollution under control certificate, insurance papers and valid permits.

Source: Hindu