AP in Top 5 for Road Mishap Prone States

In 2011, India had recorded a total of 4,40,123 on-road accidents, of which 1,36,834 people lost there lives. According to National Transportation Planning and Research Center, Andhra Pradesh ranked fourth with 41,066 accidents and Tamil Nadu topped the list with 65,873 accidents, followed by Maharashtra with 47,120 and Karnataka with 44,696.

In 2011, Hyderabad reported a total of 2651 accidents, of which 2528 were injured and 441 lives were lost. Delhi topped the list with a total of 2,107 deaths and 7,280 road accidents. Nagaland recorded the least number of deaths and accidents, 36 people were killed in 32 road accidents. While, Lakshadweep Islands did not have any road accidents or deaths in 2011.

Source: Deccan Chronicle