Engineering Fee Reimbursement – State Agrees to Pay Full to the Poor

As a final decision to address the issue of Engineering tuition fee reimbursement, the state government came up with two solutions during the last three days of August. Let us look into the issues in detail in the following paragraphs.

A cap of Rs 35,000 on tuition fee reimbursement
On 28th August’12, the state government came up saying that it has decided to fix a cap of Rs 35,000 on the engineering fee reimbursement for the students pursuing engineering this year. If the fee is above Rs 35,000, the students have to bare the rest of the amount, they added further.

Though this is a good news for the students who will get admission into 578 engineering colleges, where the fee was fixed at Rs 35,00 per annum, it will be a burden to the students who get seats in 67 top-notch colleges where the fee ranges from Rs 51,800 and Rs 1.05 lakh.

Full fee reimbursement for poor students in top colleges
Considering the issues of the poor students, the state on 30th August came up with a new fee reimbursement policy. Besides reimbursing the entire amount to the eligible students in the 578 colleges, the government will also pay the entire fee for selected category of students who got admission in the top colleges, irrespective of the fee charged by the college authorities.

The selected categories of students are as follows:

  • All SC and ST students
  • Student who come under Below Poverty Line (BPL) and studied Intermediate courses with financial aid from the government.
  • BPL students who secured below 10,000 ranks in Eamcet.

The complete fee reimbursement is applicable to all the students who fall under the above mentioned category.

Further, the state government also announced that it will incur an additional expenditure of Rs 100 crore to meet the promises made in the new fee reimbursement policy.

Source: DC