HMDA Makes a Fresh Look for Necklace Road, Thanks to CoP-11

The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) has set out its projects at Necklace Road, PVNR Elevated Expressway and Langer Houz flyover.

The beautification work has started, as the city gears up for the international convention on biodiversity (CoP-11), to be held from October 1 to 19.

A budget of Rs 15 crore has been provided by the HMDA, as the event will be drawing a large contingent of international delegates.

Mural designs that go with the event theme will be decorated on the wall in front of People’s Plaza till the Necklace Road railway station. These mural works will be made of sand, cement and fiber medium with weather resistant coatings for external applications.

The HMDA has also decided to take up the mural works at selected areas at the elevated expressway and the flyover at Langer Houz.

The Lumbini Park and NTR Garden, which are maintained by HMDA will also get a new look. Some of the areas at NTR Garden have been planned for complete renovation which includes renovation of car cafe building and toilet block, fixing glasses to the pyramids on the main entrance at NTR Gardens and a fresh coat of painting to electrical poles along the Necklace Road.

Source: The Hindu