Want to Succeed in Job – Have More Commitment

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” -Muhammad Ali, American professional boxer

In our earlier article, we discussed that it is commitment, not talent needed to succeed in life.

Many people (almost all) show enthusiasm at the time of interview, they say many good things about being committed towards work, but after joining the company, they do not exhibit the right commitment.

The real commitment should not be limited to a day, a month, or a year; it should stay with you forever when working for an organization. Commitment is an important aspect for every individual who want to really succeed in his career.

Every employee should be highly committed towards work-related targets, organization, career, co-workers, supervisor, tasks, profession, customers, and work. Having commitment will not only allow you to work hard towards your job, but will also help in rewarding you.

People expect more from jobs but nothing in returns
People expect many things from a job – good salary, pick and drop facility, quick promotion, etc. But when it comes to their part, they don’t want to take any responsibility and don’t work with commitment. They are mainly focusing on, what company is providing, but not how to contribute to the growth of the company.

Every employee thinks that, his job should be enjoyable. For Eg: The office should start at somewhere around 11.00. Then while having coffee, have a light chat with the colleagues in the office, till 1 hour. Working lightly for 1 hour and then looking forward for lunch. And when it is time for lunch at 1.00, have a leisure lunch till 3.00, chitchatting with all the colleagues. And from 3.00 to 4.00 they work for an hour, after which they go out to have some snacks, take rest for some time and at last, get back to home and relax. It is very strange, but many employee’s expect salary for these things too.

There is no value addition to such jobs. Is this really a job? Will anybody respect this kind of job holders? Only uncommitted/poor performers will think to have this kind of jobs.

Many good companies recruit committed employees
Many companies and employers are willing to recruit people with high commitment, because they will work harder in their jobs and will perform better than those with less commitment.

Committed employees abide by the values and beliefs of the organisation. They have/feel strong desire to be a part of the organisation and feel like they are the part of the system. They do not behave like an outsider; instead they strongly believe that it is their own company and should work for the development of the organisation. This is what the employers look for!

Commitment rewards you
Many people assume that committed people are boring as they sacrifice their life to office. But many of them, who have good work-life balance, will be happy/satisfied with their work. They will get recognition, appraisals for work done and hike in position as well as in their salary, etc.

People with strong commitment are highly valuable; they will have great impact on organization’s success and will also have a successful career. Committed people are easy to identify – they are like a painted wall compared to an unpainted wall. They are not bothered during the recession, because committed people are very well taken care of (by the company), because they are the assets of the company and they will not be disengaged.

If you are having genuine commitment, you will always stand the test of time, and as usual the good results will follow.

How to become more committed
Committed people work diligently, even though they are not monitored. They will be on time to office everyday, and work extra (if required) to finish their tasks. They take moral responsibility towards their job and also take company’s side (if it is correct) when conflict arises. They will be proud to be in the organization and very much likely to remain in the organization, unlike others who constantly move from one job to another.

In order to be committed towards work, you should actively participate in the training sessions offered by the company. Understand the organisation’s goals and objectives and try to be in sink with them. Discipline and hard work also helps you to show how committed you are at your workplace.

But being committed and staying committed is no easy task
Continuous commitment is not easy; there are chances of you getting carried away by others (who are not committed). The uncommitted people may look cool and popular, but they are not respected. So, as to be committed, one should learn the work-life balance techniques.

Making commitment part of your nature
All successful professionals have a strong inner desire to succeed and it is this “fire” that gets you through those tough setbacks. Having a job is not what you get from it, but to contribute to the success of the organisation. Committed employees work for company’s welfare and will show much interest to go an extra mile to achieve the company’s goals. They will strongly engage/involve at their workplace. Every time, they complete the tasks on or before the given time and will not move/leave until the work gets completed.

Instead of complaining about the process/systems, they will help themselves and make sure that they work without any disruption. They will understand every situation in the organisation, resolve problems, encourage positive atmosphere and thus, work hard and show commitment to achieve organisational goals.

Have a look at some inspirational quotes on commitment.

  • “That’s been one of my mantras — focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” ~ Steve Jobs
  • “Big jobs usually go to the men who prove their ability to outgrow small ones.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • “Your ability to discipline yourself to set clear goals, and then to work toward them every day, will do more to guarantee your success than any other single factor.” ~ Brian Tracy
  • “Success is a function of persistence and doggedness and the willingness to work hard for twenty-two minutes to make sense of something that most people would give up on after thirty seconds.” ~ Alan Schoenfeld
  • “Let us rather run the risk of wearing out than rusting out.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt
  • “Think not of yourself as the architect of your career but as the sculptor. Expect to have to do a lot of hard hammering and chiseling and scraping and polishing.” ~ B.C. Forbes
  • “Sheer effort enables those with nothing to surpass those with priviledge and position.”
    ~ Toyotomi Hideyoshi

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