Admissions in 22 Engineering Colleges Go Vacant

Colleges in the city after the second phase of admissions had vacant seats and 22 colleges have gone without any allotments. After the second phase, 229 colleges got less than 100 admissions. The number of vacant seats were 1,06,371, including 98,218 engineering seats and 8,153 pharmacy seats.

In the first allotment, 6,296 candidates cancelled their admissions and 12,584 candidates did not report to the allotted colleges. Candidates who were allotted seats in colleges that received less than 20 admissions in the first phase changed their colleges and went to those colleges where the numbers are more. This left the 22 colleges going without a single admission.

Seats in branches that were not filled this year:

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) – 22,668 vacant seats
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) – 16,640 vacant seats
  • Information Technology (IT) – 12,334 vacant seats
  • Computer Science Engineering (CSE) – 26,249 vacant seats
  • Mechanical Engineering – 9,855 vacant seats
  • Civil engineering – 8,018 vacant seats

In 2010 there were 40,273 vacant seats and in 2011 it was 76,310 vacancies. This is the plight of colleges that are running out of candidates.

The website ‘’ will show the allotments and candidates will have to report before October 6 at the respective allotted colleges. They can download the allotment order from the website and the bank chalan form for the payment of fee.

The fee details are shown in the allotment order. Candidates who want to cancel their admission should visit the helpline centres before October 10 to collect their certificates.

Source: The Hindu