Want to Pursue a Career in Writing? – Know the Popular Types of Writing Jobs

Due to the various developments in India over the last decade, there is an increase in the jobs available for people interested in careers related to writing. In fact, within writing itself many different categories have emerged. In this article, we tried to list out a few writing jobs or career options available for those who are interested to pursue their passion for writing.

Out of many number of various writing jobs, the four career options which are in demand right now are – Web content Writer, Copy Writer, Technical Writer, Print Journalist. Though the basic responsibility of each role is similar, which is to provide flawless content, the main difference lies in the purpose of writing, which defines the kind of writing style one has to adopt to take up that job. Let us discuss about each one of them in detail.

Web Content Writer
Web content writing is almost a new generation career option which evolved with the emergence of Internet and websites. The increase in number of websites and the growing demand for web presence consequently accelerated the demand for web content writers. Many companies like Internet marketing firms, web designing companies, e-commerce firms, advertising firms, news and media companies, etc., are looking for content writers who can write content relevant to their field/industry.

Roles and responsibilities

  • The basic role of a web content writer is to provide relevant content for various websites. Every website has its own niche market, so writing short and specific pieces of content relevant to the niche is highly essential.
  • Typical job responsibilities include writing and managing website content like blogs, articles, newsletters, press releases, product descriptions, mailers, success stories, etc.
  • A web content writer should be ready to provide content on any given topic using Internet as a primary source
  • Should write educational, logical, informational and factual content
  • Should be able to convey information in simple, easy to understand, short, and structured way

Required skills

  • Should have a flair for writing
  • Good command over English grammar and punctuation
  • Good editing and proofreading skills
  • Writing should be in a balanced way
  • Basic computer and Internet knowledge

Copy Writer
Copy writing is an act of writing text (copy) with a purpose to promote a brand, a product/service, an opinion or an idea. Copy writing should be in such a way that it persuades the targeted group and achieves the marketing objective. Copy writers are required in various organisations like advertising agencies, public relations firms, marketing firms, newspapers, book publishers and magazines.

Roles and responsibilities

  • A copy writer’s role includes knowing the specific needs and requirements of the client and write advertising copy according to the requirements. They should have the flair to project what exactly the company wants to promote through the advertising copy.
  • He should make revisions and edits to ensure that the final copy is perfect
  • When it comes to web copy writing the objective of the writer is to achieve higher search engine rankings by using strategic copy writing techniques

Required skills

  • A copy writer should be creative and imaginative. Writing catchy or appealing content is imperative to persuade the user to buy a product.
  • Excellent written and interpersonal skills – should be able to make right choice of words
  • Ability to work under pressure – good team player
  • Should be thorough in nature and have an eye for detail

Technical Writer
Technical writing differs from the above mentioned two professions as it needs excellent writing skills along with some kind of specialist knowledge in one specific area. A technical writer needs to understand complex technical information and should be able to explain the same in a simple and easy to understand way. They need to present information in the form of user guides, reference manuals, training/operating guides, online help incorporated in software packages, and so on.

Technical writers work for a range of industries like automation, finance, government, manufacturing, medical and pharmaceutical, hardware and software, telecommunications, and transport.

Roles and responsibilities

  • A technical writer needs to collectively work with developers and managers to get the required inputs and to clarify technical issues
  • Interpret complex technical information and document it in such a way that it is easy to understand, accurate and concise
  • Select photographs, drawings, diagrams, charts, etc., to illustrate the documented material
  • Should be able to review published material, revise and do the required changes

Required skills

  • Writing style should be clear and concise
  • Ability to understand complex technical data quickly
  • Ability to convert technical or industry related jargon into easily understandable text
  • Should think analytically and have speculative nature

Print Journalist
Journalism is one of the most familiar career options in India. May it be a newspaper journalist, magazine journalist, or a journal journalist, the basic nature of journalist is to collect/research, write and report news and other information. Various writing roles in journalism include feature writers, sub-editors, editors, etc.

Roles and responsibilities

  • A journalist needs to attend various events like council meetings, seminars, press conferences, sports events, gather and publish current and relevant information
  • Should provide accurate and concise copy according to the newspaper’s/publication’s house style and submit them in deadline
  • Compile write ups on newsworthy events by performing research or conducting interviews
  • Able to provide content consistently for columns, editorials, commentaries, or reviews
  • A journalist needs to be up-to-date with the trends and developments in all the major fields

Required skills

  • Should have a natural inclination towards current affairs, news and developments
  • Speed and accuracy is highly essential for a journalist as news gets outdated quickly.
  • Should have ability to ask logical questions and gather information from different sources
  • Should possess excellent written and communication skills
  • Should have the ability to work under pressure

At one point of time, it was believed that a bachelor’s or post-graduate degree in Mass Communication/Journalism is mandatory to pursue a career in writing. But, today, in many content, copy and technical writing jobs, it is not required. An effective writer is one, who has the skill in writing, command over language and ability to connect with the audiences.

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