Domestic LPG Cylinder in Hyderabad @ 413

The Union government has hiked LPG dealers’ commission by 12.42 from Rs 25.83 per cylinder to Rs 37.25 for a 14.2 kg, which raises the price of each cylinder to Rs.412.92 or Rs.413 approximately.

This is unlike before when dealers’ commission was adjusted within the retail selling price(RSP). The commission was reportedly revised in 2010. The price of non-subsidised LPG is to be fixed on according to prices in global markets every month.

In Hyderabad, a non-subsidised domestic LPG cylinder is to be priced at Rs969 at par with international markets.

Dealers feel they adjust the increased burden will accommodate in the RSP. They are going to shift it to consumers according to an earlier declaration.

There are a large number of single cylinder domestic LPG gas card holders who have one or more unauthorised gas cylinder. The cylinders are said to be obtained from the consumers who move to other places for diverse reasons.
Two cylinders is a convenience, but getting the second one legally is cumbersome, such people are said to have adopted this method.
To uproot the malice oil marketing companies (OMC) are going to entertain request for new cylinder provided consumers hand over the empty original cylinder.

The delivery personnel are to note down the serial number of the cylinder while supplying to consumers, and give the refill only if the consumer returns the empty one with identical number.

The OMC made directive to the gas agencies to make it mandatory for delivery personnel to write the serial number of the cylinder the Domestic Gas Consumer card, given to consumers while allotting a connection and get it signed by the consumer thus showing they received the cylinder

Moved by restriction on subsidised LPG cylinders to each fast to six, consumers across the country are thinking to move court.

Most new flat are supplies cooking gas with reticulated LPG system (centralised LPG) were told they are going to get six cylinders annually. These flats get LPG via pipelines to each apartment form centralised storage room. The oil companies regularly refill the cylinder the storage room.

Such flat complexes have 40 to 50 flats and six cylinders would not suffice.