Finding a Job in Hyderabad – Stay Away from Ameerpet

Are you a job seeker, looking for a job in Hyderabad? Stay away from Ameerpet. This advice may look non-standard but it’s good for your career. There are chances you getting carried away by Ameerpet logic and get disconnected with the real job market.

30-50 institutes in one area and a few hundreds of students together can create an artificial reality. It is enough to create a hype that whosoever takes training in these institutes will get into a big company, good position and will get a high pay – all without having any competence!

Disconnect with the real job environment
Students, mostly those from rural backgrounds who come to city, get carried away by the hype created by these institutes. They think they will get in to good jobs with the training they get in these institutes. But the fact is that there is a strong disconnect between what the training institutes offer and the reality.

Commercial institutes
While started as centers for providing job oriented training programs, over the years these institutes degenerated into commercial institutes catering mostly to spoilt kids from rural areas whose parents keep funding money while the youngsters keep wheeling away their time.

Many good trainers do not want to train the freshers or this kind of students. Instead, they will go ahead with research or join institutes where the quality of students is good. Earning money is not their priority.

The only focus of Ameerpet institutes is to fill the batch for which they have to persistently mislead students by showing fake certificates, placement numbers, and industry references. They give a wrong notion that a good course is something that a lot of people will join – they offer course for anyone who pays the fees and as long as one can pay the fee, because institutes have rents to pay, staff to pay and will not have long-term perspective.

Hence, the students trained from these institutes do not match the expectations of the industry in both aspects – competence or professionalism. These students indulge in fanciful ideas about job and get into ‘canteen’ mindset. In the informal conversations they may project certain attitudes that the students may feel OK, but not the companies that they eventually want to work for.

Experience for sale
Some institutes in this area which offer live projects to students, keep some corrupt resources to generate fake experience letters and allow the students to hang out. While some institutes may be OK, most of them just give the experience letters anyway.

You have to make a conscious effort to avoid the Ameerpet hype. If you are already good with academics, and have some soft skills, the training (just the course) here may be helpful. You can’t be incompetent and expect to get a good job just by joining some institute in Ameerpet.

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