Hyderabad’s Poor Performance in Healthy Biodiversity Test

Greater Hyderabad fared poor- 36 out of 92. The performance was dismal in recreational and education services for children. It got zero (out of four) in three indicators and one in 12 with regard to healthy biodiversity. This data are according to the index published at the Cities for Life summit.

The index is in line with Convention on Biodiversity endorsed manual, the index showed that there are clear indications that pressure of built-up areas and human influence has affected the majority of the lakes in the city.

The natural rocky terrains have been used up for stone mining and development of layouts. The city has huge areas concentrated with building as opposed to green patches.

The first 10 indicators of ‘native biodiversity in city’ have led to a score of 15 out of a maximum of 40 and indicators related to ‘ ecosystem services provided by biodiversity in the city’ led to a score of four out of 16.

Those related to ‘governance and management of biodiversity’ in the city led to a score of 17 out of 40.

There is decline in the population of species of birds, butterflies, reptiles and freshwater fishes.

The city scored a minimal grade in recreational and education service for children.

The score with regard to budget allocation for the purpose of biodiversity conservation is also low. Thus, the budget allocation is reportedly estimated at Rs 3600 out of which only Rs57.53 crore is said to have been spent.

Significantly, some indicators can show better performance, for instance, rivers and lakes.