Hyderabad’s Biodiversity Score 30

The standard of biodiversity management in Greater Hyderabad is estimated at 30 on a scale of 92, and thus is 66 percentage points away from the best. Brussels, Belgium topped the list with a score of 55 points. The score of Greater Hyderabad is said to be moderate. Significantly, Greater Hyderabad is the first city in the country to secure a basic city-level biodiversity index.

The city will have a biodiversity management committee, the process is afoot. There is a theme park with a ficus garden and another one with native species is going to be set up. All this will bring four more credit points.

The GHMC has finished the preparatory work for the inventing a basic diversity index formulation with research aid from Osmania University. The data would be culled into a book, to be released at the Cities for Life Summit on October 15 and 16 during CoP-11.

GHMC is the only corporation in India to confirm its biodiversity index. Close to 14 cities are going present the respective biodiversity index and are going to open the same to international scrutiny during the CoP-11 summit.