MBA and MCA Colleges Fee Structure Announced by the State Government

The state government announced the fee structure for MBA and MCA colleges in state on 9th October 2011.

The fee for 710 MBA and 373 MCA colleges the fee structure was fixed at Rs 27,000 per annum. Institutions offering facilities to students were allowed to charge fee based on their facilities, as per the order issued by the GO (government order).

Around 49 MCA colleges were allowed to charge fee between Rs 43,400 to Rs 88,000/- annually and 48 MBA colleges were allowed to charge fee between Rs 46,300 to Rs 71, 200 annually.

A special task force will be inspecting these colleges and based on their reports, the fee structure would differ depending on the facilities provided by the colleges. If the colleges are not providing basic facilities as per the GO fee structure, the fee in the coming academic year will be reduced.

Source: Times of India