Metro Rail Not to be Via Secunderabad Railway Station

The metro rail viaduct is to bypass the Secunderabad railway station’s skyline. It is also to be built much higher than as originally planned when crossing the railway tracks.

Metro line crossing corridors will have railway track crossings. Four of these are near the railway station-Alugaddabhavi, Chilkalguda, Oliphant Bridge and Bhoiguda. The other railway crossings are at Begumpet, Bharatnagar, Lakdikapul and Malakpet.

Secunderabad railway station is to be put under major revamp, the metro rail authorities had to change a little by in corridor two line that is JBS to Falaknuma. Instead of flying directly on the station, the line will have a curve to go to the old Gandhi Hospital land and is to be constructed over the Bhoiguda road under bridge.

The railway authorities are said to have asked metro rail to avoid making the viaduct over the station because of the expansion plans where double-decker trains.

Metro line viaducts are to be constructed at a height of eight metres to 22 metres when crossing railway tracks as the elevated station will have a concourse at a height of 5.5 metres and platforms at a height of 11-12 metres.

GHMC and HMR have planned to construct a skywalk connecting lines of metro rail and also to the Secunderabad railway station. The cost of the project is estimated at Rs 7.2 crore. This is aimed to reduce congestion on the station road. It will also have eight bus stops from Rathifile till Secunderabad Gurudwara.

The skywalk is 450 metres long four metres wide with secondary skywalk having 2.5 metres breadth with staircases and escalators.

The skywalk is to be built on the central median with cantilever support on both sides of the road.

Source: The Hindu