New Toll on ORR

Tolls are going to be collected from commuters using the Nehru Outer Ring Road on the southern stretch, between Pedda Amberpet and Patancheru and the link road connecting Gachibowli. According GHMC, 75 lanes are going to oeprate at 12 interchanges. Commuters ensure to collect a token at the entry point and pay the exit depending on the distance.

Toll fee that are accoring to National Highway Authority of India have been rounded off to Rs 10. These are to be collected at Pedda Amberpet, APPA, Bongulur, Raviryal, Thukkuguda, Pedda Golkonda, Shamshabad, Rajendranagar, Kokapet, Nanakramguda, Edulana-gulapally and Patancheru. The tolls are to be charged on vehicles plying on the main carrigage way (or the eight-lane access-controlled expressway). No toll tobe collected from vehicles using the service roads. Toll rates are to be shown expressly.

The toll management system and highway management system on the ORR has been carried out by the Hyderabad Growth Corridor Limited to ensure that the revenues can be used for its proper maintenance.