Chudi Bazaar – A Famous Place for Bangles in Hyderabad

Chudi Bazaar is one of the famous and ancient market in Hyderabad where women can shop dazzling bangles of different types and varieties. It is located in the streets around Charminar, a historical monument of Hyderabad. Chudi Bazaar or Laad Bazaar also known as “Street of Bangles” or “Bridal Bazaar of Hyderabad”, is a famous shopping center for women where they get all beauty accessories needed for them. When you visit Charminar, High Court, or Salarjung Museum, you can consider to make a quick stop here.

Chudi Bazaar or Laad Bazaar is as old as the history of city itself because it is named after Ladli Begum, the wife of Hyderabad VI Nizam, Mir Mehboob khan.

Visiting hours
Best designs of bangles are available on roads or in the shops of the Charminar. You can visit any shop in Chudi Bazaar to purchase your needed items from 10:30 A.M to 9:00 P.M. from Monday to Saturday. The market is usually crowded with public in these hours. Though some shops are closed on Sundays (weekly holiday), you can still shop for the best designs as most shops remain open.

Season to shop
Best season to shop in Chudi Bazaar is during the Muslim festive period ‘Ramadan’. You would be surprised if you come to shop during this festive season as you will not only find huge Muslim crowd but also people of other religions shopping here due to the availability of interesting and ethnic remarkable unique pieces at unbelievable lower prices. For this reason, you experience more congestion and traffic in the lanes of Chudi Bazaar. Most of the times, you need to walk in the bazaar lanes for shopping as you won’t get space for driving as well as parking your vehicle.

In this season, you can shop intricate and eye-catching work dress materials, embroidery sarees, home decorations, bangles, perfumes, footwear, crockery, pearls, textiles etc,. at reasonable prices. During Ramadan, the bazaar is open and available to visitors from 6:30 P.M. to 6.30 A.M. including Sundays. That’s why this Bazaar is called “Night Bazaar of Hyderabad”.

Famous for
Chudi Bazaar is prominently famous for only and only bangles made of every possible material and pearls. The different varieties of bangles available in bazaar are made up of glass, brass, lac (hard lacquer sealing wax), metal, threads and silver. Chudi Bazaar is mostly famous for Lac bangles studded with glass mirrors, and colorful stones. However, there are many workshops that manufacture various kinds of shimmering bangles which are kept on display.

Price ranges
There are some modest shops that not only sell traditional type of glittering bangles, but also bangles studded with vibrant stones, pearls, simple glass ones or even the chic plastic ones which attract or make the youngsters to buy. Even simple glass bangles are available in traditional and modern colors. The price ranges from minimum Rs.50/- to Rs.5000/- or more. But on an average, Rs.20/- to Rs.30/- will be priced for dozen of simple glass bangles with or without shimmering.

Best varieties of bangles available
Rare varieties of bangles that you may find in this bazaar are lacquer bangles studded with colorful and vibrant stones, bangles of different shapes and stunning patterns, and an interesting 38-piece “family set”. 38-piece “family-set” is a set of bangles in different sizes studded with dazzling stones in multiple colors of shades (made in North India).

Price and quality
Quality of the material depends on the place where you buy. Often quality is good in shops who are selling bangles or any other jewelry from many years.

In most of the shops, price is not fixed and can be negotiable. However, price differs depending on the quality. Sometimes you would be surprised and you may get half of the price of quoted ones by the shopkeepers if you bargain. So make bargain whenever you go to shop here. In local stores, you get a good deal. Both wholesale shops and retail shops are available in the Chudi Bazaar.

Some things to keep in mind:
There are some things you have to keep in mind that there is no parking facility available here. During vacations, and festive seasons this place is much crowded. Most of the sales persons in the shops speak in Hindi/Urdu, so beware of it. Some persons may also speak in Telugu. It is best and helpful for you if you consider taking help of your friend or relative who knows Hindi for communicating with sales persons. Always try to bargain as much as possible because you will get a good deal of prices.

ATM centers
In most shops, credit cards are not accepted and payment method is by cash. So search for the ATM to withdraw cash. State Bank of India, State Bank of Hyderabad are the 2 ATM centers nearer to Chudi Bazaar(1Km).

Availability of other items
Other items available in this bazaar include cutlery and upholstery, footwear, silver items, imitation jewelry, pearls, embroidery dress materials, designed ghagras and heavy sarees, henna, cosmetics, hand bags, hair pins, combs, sindoor or bhindis, and bridal outfits like Khada Dupattas or veils, Sharara, Peshwas, and sarees etc. Even you get pagdis, sherwanis, and blazers at reasonable prices for rent.

How to reach
Chudi bazaar is well connected by APSRTC buses from all parts of the city. Charminar bus station and Mahatma Gandhi bus stations (MGBS) are nearest to Chudi Bazaar. Nearest main roads to Chudi Bazaar are Shah-Alibanda, and Pattergatti roads. Buses are available from Charminar to Koti with bus numbers (1 or 75A), Kukatpally (185), Ameerpet (9), Mehdipatnam (65), Secunderabad (8), Uppal (71), Dilsukhnagar (72 or 78), Kachiguda (2), Lingampally (65/216), Langar House (80k), Rajendra Nagar (178R), Jubilee Hills (127J), etc,. Even you can avail the services of auto-rickshaws whose drivers can directly take you to Chudi Bazaar.

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