A Fine of Rs.500 to be Imposed on Men, for Occupying Women’s Seats in City Buses

Men occupying women’s seats in ARSRTC buses will be facing a fine of Rs.500. It is becoming a common sight of men becoming reluctant on vacating the seats that are reserved for women or senior citizens.

After receiving a complaint from many women passengers the APSRTC authority has decided to impose a fine of Rs. 500 on men who occupy seats in buses that are reserved for women.

According to APSRTC authorities, city buses have 40 percent of seats reserved for women and in rural buses it is 30 percent. But, the reserved seats for women are mostly occupied by men and also refuse to vacate the seat.

The APSRTC executive director stated that awareness is being conducted in buses for men on, not to occupy seats that are reserved for women. The bus conductors are also instructed to ensure that men do not occupy women seats and women get to sit on seats that are reserved for them.

Source: The New Indian Express