Honesty at Work Cost Life of Government Officer

In India it is not surprising to see numerous aspirants for government jobs. If you are one of them looking for government jobs and want to pursue your career with honesty and dedication, then you need to be aware of recent incidents which clearly depict the level of external pressures n honest government officer needs to face in order to do the job sincerely.

The recent suicide of endowments officer in the city is one such incident. G. Krishnaveni, executive officer of endowments for three major temples in Guntur, ended her life after facing unending harassment from temple priests and trustees for having done her job sincerely.

According to the sources, Krishnaveni was an honest officer who put an end to large scale of irregularities in the temple authorities like sale of fake darshan tickets, stoppage of salaries for the priests who skipped duty, end to the practice of giving 25% of the hundi collections to priests and trustees, curbing the illegal practice of leasing of the temple lands, to mention a few. Due to her strict rules, the temple revenue grew to 300% in just 10 months. It increased from Rs 8 lakhs to 18 lakhs.

But what she received for performing her duties promptly – continuous harassment from the officials, false allegations and she was even threatened to get booked under SC\ST atrocities Act. She lodged a complaint with the local police and also reported the same to the senior officials in her department. But all her efforts went it vain. Unable to withstand the pressure through which she underwent for the past nine months she finally ended her life.

One more incident which came into light recently was about Ashok Khemka, an IAS officer, who has been received a transfer order from Haryana government after giving an inquiry against Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra in a land issue. In addition, he has also been accused for ordering an inquiry after receiving transfer order. Mr. Khemka, who is well-known for his sincerity and honesty at work, has a record of 43 transfers in 21 years of his service.