New Act for Protecting IT Industry Data

The AP State IT Minister has urged the Union government to formulate an Act for protecting data for IT industry. Of late, several incidents of data theft and misuse of private and personal information have undermined investors’ confidence in the BPO industry, causing loss of credibility of outsourcing to India.

In the recent years, outsourcing industry in India is going through a bad phase and also the reputation is going down, because of large scale thefts of data. The country has to fight on issues related to data theft that is leading to bad reputation.

Countries like US and the European Union (EU) have acts on data protection. But unfortunately, India does not have any such acts. India is not included among the countries abiding with Data Protection Standards as framed by the EU.

There is an urgent need for a strong set of rules to protect the data as it is done by the US and the EU countries. To keep the investor’s confidence intact, particularly among those overseas, effective measures should be taken. These groups send a lot of data to India for processing.