Noise Levels High During Deepavali

Anti-pollution organizations have found noise levels high on the eve of Deepavali this year.

The AP Pollution Control Board have measured noise levels on November 6th and on Deepavali day that is November 13th. The noise levels were recorder from 6pm until midnight.

The optimal standards of noise levels in residential areas such as Jubilee Hills, Pragathinagar were 45 decibels (dB).

In Pragathinagar, the noise level were 57dB, more than optimal level. It further went up to 67dB on November 13 night.

In Jubilee Hills, the noise level rose from 49dB on November 6th to 53 dB on the Deepavali night.

Commercial areas such Paradise, Panjagutta and Abids did not show much variation. They already had high optimum level of 55 dB.

The measured noise levels at Paradise were 80dB and 81dB on November 6 and November13.

Significantly in Zoo Park, where there are restrictions to keep the noise level at 40dB or lower, the noise levels rose to 49 dB on Deepavali night.

This Deepavali brought grief to 50 families in the city. They got grievous injuries to eyes and burns while using crackers.

About, 1,600 metric tonnes of trash is said have been generated.

Such high decibel noise levels can cause negative health effects. It causes partial or complete deafness, disturbance in ability to sleep, irritability, indigestion, ulcers, high blood pressure, heart diseases, decline in efficiency to work.