Are You a Seafood Lover and Foodie? Explore the Ramnagar Fish Market in Hyderabad

If you are a fish lover and want to try different varieties of fishes and sea food, then do visit the fish market in Ramnagar. In fact, it is on the road between Musheerabad and Ramnagar. It is the biggest wholesale and retail fish market in Hyderabad. The place though is smelly (common with any fish market), is a real time experience to see a variety of fishes and other sea foods confined at one place.

Places from where fish come from
Variety of fish come to the market from various places such as Karimnagar, Kadapa, Kurnool, Anantapur, Godavari districts, Nizamabad, Mahbubnagar and Khammam districts.

Variety of fish and sea foods
You can find a variety of fish here including Red Snappers, Mullet Fish, Bengal Carp, Shark, White and Black Pomfret, Tuna, and many more. You can also find Prawns (many varieties including Tiger Prawns), Lobsters, Crabs and many other varieties. It is said that this markets sells around 50 tonnes of fish on Sundays and around 40 tonnes on other days.

The market starts early in the morning with the arrival of fish and other seafood varieties from all corners of the state. It is better to visit the place in the early hours, anywhere between 5 am and 7 am, otherwise you may not find the variety. Just purchase the fish, people are there to clean it for you. To clean the fish, they charge somewhere around Rs 15 per kg and for prawns it is around Rs 10. If you want the skin and bones to be removed, they will do it for you (it will cost a bit more and your fish should be big).

Things to keep in mind
On a visit to the market, do carry your own carry bags and avoid coming in cars, as it is very difficult to park the cars because the lanes are too narrow and congested. It is better and safe to go to the place on a two wheeler or you can hire an auto.

Since it is a fish market, water will be clogged/flowing in the streets. Wear footwear that doesn’t absorb water as it absorbs that water and that smell will not go easily. Avoid wearing clothes that touch the ground.

Prices are generally fixed, but if you want to buy in bulk, they will reduce. As the market is a wholesale place to buy fishes at a reasonable price, people come here to make a purchase in bulk, if there is a party or function at their place.

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Are You a Seafood Lover and Foodie? Explore the Ramnagar Fish Market in Hyderabad, 4.3 out of 5 based on 21 ratings

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  1. sanjay

    Dear sir, I need 100 kgs roue fish my contact no is 9515652653 or 9515642643 plz call once
    I need fish rate

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  2. Mahender


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  3. venu


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  4. Raghavendra

    Hi Sir,

    Is Salmon fish available in this market, Please let me know..I want to try.

    Thank You

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    • pradeep

      @Raghavendra, you can find all varieties of fishes over there..Better to go early in the morning

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  5. g seetharam

    Thanks for all the info about our market as I am one of the seller in the market. Thanks for this info to public.

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  6. Syed Ibrahim

    I live near to Daira Kamaan I love the fish market, I always buy
    fish when ever we want, since 30 years or more even my father
    he passed away he loves to go and buy fish.
    The interesting thing you can find many type of fish with
    reasonable price, I suggest you we have to be careful while they
    are weighing the fish, very easily infront of you they will cheat you
    you will get 4kg of fish and you are paying for 5kg

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