Purchase School Stationery at Wholesale Prices in Risala Abdullah

With schools to reopen in the month of June, parents are busy doing the last minute purchases, from school uniform to school bags, shoes and stationery items like books, pens, pencils, rubbers, scale, etc. To get a good discount on stationery items do visit Risala Abdullah in Osman Gunj near Mozamzahi Market, Nampally. It is a wholesale market and you will find a wide variety of stationery items at a reasonable rate.

Variety of stationery items
The shops here sell a wide range of items from erasers to different sorts of files, registers, long notebooks, king notebooks, office decorative items like flower bouquets, garlands, calendars, diaries, branded school and college stationery (Ex: ITC, Oxford), punches, staplers, paper cutters, telephone indexes, Zari material (For packing decoration etc.), pocket size diaries, novelty items, greeting cards, gift items like high end writing instruments and many more.

If you run a public school, you can get the stationery customized as required at different grades at affordable prices. Rare items including branded writing instruments, etc. be it as gifts or requirement are available. Going to Risala Abdullah, you will have the pleasant feel of getting every stationery item at a single place, regardless of whether you wish to purchase things in small numbers or bulk. It is convenient, as all stationery shops are concentrated at one place. Prices of the products are significantly cheaper compared to regular stationery shops.

You will find certain rare items you want, that are difficult to get anywhere else in the city. For instance, file separators, certain imported varieties – all at affordable prices. To summarize, Risala Abdullah is best place to shop stationery items at for its economical price, variety, availability and convenience: therefore, a great value for your money.

How to reach
Rishala Abdullah lies at a distance of 2 km from Hyderabad Deccan Railway station (Nampally). To reach Rishala Abdullah, first go to Mozamzahi Market X roads. From there, go towards Afzalgunz. Just after a few meters, you will find Karachi Bakery at right side and stationery shops in the lanes on the left side. This is Risala Abdullah.

Means of reaching
Catch 8A bus at Rathiphile bus station in Secunderabad. Likewise, from Balanagar, Jeedimetla, Suchithra take 9X, from Kukatpally, Lingampally and beyond, catch 218, 187 and 218C. Other buses going via Rishala Abdullah are 277N, 84C, 127J/K, 65/85, 9D and 40N.

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