Rajiv Gandhi International Airport to Get Another Expressway

To reduce commute time to the airport, the GHMC has decided to build another expressway to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. The Owaisi Hospital – Aramgarh stretch will be developed as an expressway.

The merging traffic at Chandrayangutta crossroads, that comes from Old City and other parts is causing heavy traffic congestion leading to many road accident. To reduce the congestion and accidents, the GHMC has come up with the idea of construction another expressway to the airport to ease traffic flow.

The expressway is estimated to cost around Rs 41 crore. Service roads will also be constructed on both sides of the stretch which can be used by the traffic of surrounding areas and the center of the expressway will be used by the traffic heading towards the airport or Aramgarh Crossroads. The expressway will have facilities like lighting and kerb separators for free flow of traffic.

Source: The Times of India