Bank Account Available at Your Doorstep

Now, you can open a bank account at the comforts of your home. The government has set up a target for all the voters registered in Greater Hyderabad to have a savings bank account opened.
Also the Centre’s policy is to ensure that every person in India has a bank account. Even if there is zero balance, bank accounts will be opened. People who are aged above 18 years will have bank account opened on their name.

The purpose of this step is to educate people about the benefits of institutional banking and for those who are getting financial support from the government in various welfare schemes can get their money credited directly into their bank accounts.

The city has 55 lakh registered voters, but how many of them have bank account is uncertain. Therefore, representatives from various banks with the help of self-help groups will conduct a survey to find out how many members of a family are having bank account to get the exact figure.

There are 150 wards in the city and various banks will be allotted with the voters list ward-wise and each bank has been given a specific number of wards and they have to cover up the allotted wards.

Source: Deccan Chronicle